Baix la Mar de Dénia

detalle pared casa barrio baix la mar

What to see in Dénia while taking a quiet walk? The neighborhood of Baix la Mar.

One of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city of Dénia is the Barrio de Baix la Mar. A neighborhood located at the foot of the castle, and showing presence already at the end of the 16th century, as well as the hermitage of San Roque.

The Barrio de Baix la Mar does not appear as a neighborhood, but as “the raval of Baix la Mar” or in Castilian “the suburb of Under the Sea”

Halfway between the raval of Baix la Mar and the raval of Dalt Dénia or raval de terra (more privileged than the first) is the Franciscan convent of San Antonio de Páuda.

Entering the 19th century, 400 families were censored in the city of Dénia and 100 more families in the nascent suburb of Baix la Mar, where the church of San Telmo was built.

The economic and demographic growth of this suburb was so propitious that in 1837 it obtained the municipal statute, although it was only for two years.

This fishing district immersed in the riot of the port, exchange of maritime merchants and warehouses among other activities of the time, is today a quiet and tourist neighborhood.

Baix la Mar without being overcrowded, is one of the most attractive locations in Dénia, as there are restaurants and bars with charm and varied gastronomic offer.

Walking through the small streets of the Baix la Mar neighborhood, you can see the last low-rise town houses left in Dénia. Most houses are painted white, although there are other colors, what they do share are flower pots adorning the balconies

The Baix la Mar neighborhood is asleep during the cold months, but comes alive with good weather, the squares of Sant Antoni, Mariana Pineda and La Creu are the busiest.

An ideal area for lunch or dinner, where different cultures meet to enjoy free time and the Mediterranean climate.