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botón gente de dénia
People in Dénia
glorieta denia plaza
cupula iglesia denia
donde vivir en denia
Where to live in Dénia
botón fallas de dénia
Deportes Dénia
playa denia
escalera del barrio de les roques denia
parque natural el montgó denia
städtische Markt
Street markets
plato con gambas a la plancha
Gastronomic City
Plaza San Antonio en Dénia
flores parque denia
Monumentos torre del gerro denia
calle loreto denia
fachada museo del juguete denia
plaza de la constitucion denia
Points of interest
Joan Fuster Avenue train tracks


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The most significant neighborhoods are Baix la Mar, former fishing district and Les Roques, next to the Castle.

Marqués de Campos Street is one of the main streets, being the commercial center of the city.

Patricio Ferrandiz Street and Paseo del Saladar are other major and longest in the city, along with Miguel Hernández Avenue.

There are many streets and squares known for different reasons. Perhaps the busiest at any time is Loreto Street, where different bars and restaurants with different gastronomic specialties make known a wide variety of dishes at quite reasonable prices.

La Mar Street is also known for its leisurely afternoons, with live music in several of its establishments.

At the beginning of this street, there is the Plaza del Consell, where events and shows are held.

A tunnel begins in that crosses the low ones of the Castle, and arrives at the Round of the Walls. It was built when you had to protect yourself from bombing in the Civil War.

The Port is very close. Nice to see and walk.

In the port area, there is Balearia, the fleet of ferries that make the trips to Ibiza and Formentera. There are also leisure areas with cocktail bars and disco, water sports and a long etc.

Here (in those vicinity) is an exhibition and sale of handicrafts, with a wide variety of items. It is known as hippies and they sell all kinds of crafts made by them, bracelets, earrings, rings and much more. A good place to walk, admire and buy all kinds of handmade products mostly handmade.

Leaving the Port with the sea on the right, there is the tourist road of Las Marinas, with endless beaches, restaurants and leisure.

Towards the other side of the Port, there is the Rotes road and, parallel to it, next to the sea, the Paseo Marítimo. From the Marina La Marina, through the beach of the Marineta Casiana, to the end of the broken, with an unsurpassed seascape and a variety of seabirds.

The Round of the Walls is a street behind the Castle. And it borders the walls that surround the Castle. They are recently restored.

Where is Dénia?

Dénia is located on the east coast of Spain, just between Valencia and Alicante. Specifically, its coordinates are:

38 ° 50′25 ″ N

0 ° 06′31 ″ E

It is the capital of the Marina Alta region, where we find other interesting towns like Javea or Calpe, also very touristy.

How do I get to Dénia?

We will talk about public transport, of course. And the truth is that in this they will not give us a prize for good connections …

Bus: it is the main way to enter Dénia if we do not come in our own car, especially since the train that connected us to Alicante was taken away (the one in Valencia never arrived …)
There is direct connection with the main capitals: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante …

Alsa is one of the main companies that provide service

Plane: the nearest airports are in Valencia and Alicante.

If you come by road, you will probably arrive here by the AP-7 or the national 332. The entrance to the city from the general road and wide highway with double lane in each direction. With many rotontas (Glorietas), all of them very well decorated. Among them, countless palm trees watching the traffic.

On both sides there are ships and businesses of all kinds, dealers, restaurants, furniture …


The Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rocío is celebrated the Sunday following the Corpus and it highlights the Procession, the Misa Rociera and the Fiesta Campera, organized by the House of Andalusia of Denia.

Las Hogueras de San Juan, from June 20 to 24. There are three Hogueras: Bassot, L’Hort and Les Portelles.

On the same dates the party is celebrated in the hermitage of San Juan. It is a pilgrimage from Denia where religious and recreational events take place for anyone who wishes to attend.

Festivities in San Pedro Street on June 28 and 29 and those of the Barrio de La Pedrera where the streets are decorated to celebrate festivals, cucañas and processions in Honor of San Pedro.

There are also celebrations in the Hermitages of Santa Lucia, Santa Paula, San Antonio in Les Planes, Cape San Antonio and the blessing of animals on the day of San Antonio Abad.

The first half of July is the Patron Saint Festivities in Honor of the Blessed Blood and Bous a la mar. The big day is always celebrated on the second Wednesday after San Pedro.

Bous a la mar is a festival declared of National Tourist Interest,
The big day is the Concert of the Musical Artistic Grouping of Denia. Last Saturday the Cavalcade takes place where all the Fallen Commissions parade.
As a conclusion to these parties, the Fireworks Castle in the Port.

Moros y Cristianos from August 13 to 16 in honor of San Roque.

  • Day 13, Moor landing and signing of the truce.
  • Day 14, Children’s Gala Parade.
  • Day 15, big day with the Gala Parade.
  • Day 16, Christian landing, parliaments, battle of arcabucería, miracle of fog, surrender and retreat.
    As the end of parties, Fireworks Castle.

How do I get to the Balearic Islands from Denia?

Very easy given that Dénia is one of the main ports of departure to the Islands. Of course, monopolized by the almighty Baleària and its competitors-free rates …

But the boarding area and surroundings have been very cool.

From the bus station there are urban ones that leave you there, but yes, I think only in summer …

You can also use taxis, of course:

Taxi phone: 965786565

Dénia landmarks

Local police

Address: Departure Madrigueres Sud, 14

Telephone: 965 78 01 90

National Police Dénia

Address: Carrer Castell d’Olimbroi, 5

Phone: 966430538

Marina Alta Health Hospital

Address: Av. Marina Alta, s / n

Telephone: 966429000

Web page

Health Center Dénia

Address: Av. Joan Fuster, s / n

Telephone: 966428250

Tourist Info Dénia

Address: Plaza Oculista Buigues, 9

Telephone: 966422367

Web page

Red Cross Dénia

Address: Carrer Castell d’Olimbroi, 1

Phone: 965781358

Web page

Municipal Sports Center in Dénia

Address: Camí del Regatxo, 6

Phone: 965786968

Yacht Club Dénia

Address: Puerto de Denia, Carr. De Dénia A Xábia, S / N

Phone: 965780989

Web page

Dénia Town Hall

Address: Carrer Major, 65

Telephone: 965 78 11 07

Web page