Living in Dénia city center

dónde vivir en Dénia

Urban center:

Living in the center is very practical, you do not need to take the car because everything is close at hand, even the beach (although not the best).

The only thing that can be counterproductive to living in the center of Dénia is the noise. Although Dénia is a fairly quiet place, the center is always much louder than other areas of the city.

The times of the year that can be noisier in the center of Dénia are:

March: Fallas and their firecrackers take over the city this month. There is no one who is free to get a scare than another by firecrackers, the wake up (firecrackers at 7 in the morning) and the music bands.

Month of July: it is the month of the patron saint festivities of Dénia, there are mobile disco and brass bands.

Month of August: the Moors and Christians celebrate this time of the year inside their heads and you can’t help but make a fuss.

In addition to the noise, the parties cause street cuts, so if you live in the center it is convenient that you walk whenever you can to all your destinations. You will also avoid the trouble of parking, which is not easy to find in the center unless you want to pay.

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