Living in Las Rotas in Denia

Dónde vivir en Denia

Las Rotas or les Rotes de Denia is one of the most appreciated places in Denia by its citizens and by its visitors, and it is not surprising because going to this place and walking the promenade contemplating the infinite horizon brings calm and energy.

Winter in this place of Las Rotas is very calm, we hardly find people during the week walking through the rotas, which changes during the weekends and holidays. This time of relax, Las Rotas come alive again and we can see people walking, running or cycling along the walk and at the points where the well-known restaurants in the area are located.

If you are looking for a place in Las Rotas to live, keep in mind that it is one of the most demanded places and can take some time, we recommend you contact the Real Estate Agency in Denia Edeal Homes.

Another option to live near the beach is to look for housing in the Marinas area.