Dénia Castle

vista gaviota castillo denia

The castle of Dénia is perhaps the most emblematic of the city, which makes its skyline unmistakable (well, that and the Montgó).

We will not go into historical details and others because for this there are a couple of beautiful museums inside that explain everything beautifully, and I am more of science … But what I will say is that it has spectacular views in 360º where to invest the Time taking pictures of the city, the Montgo, the Raset beach, the port … Great!

Important the fact that above all there is a kind of bar-xiringuito where to drink something in the shade of the pines (the castle is full of them). Very nice and useful to regain strength after the climb. If you have uploaded on the trenet you can also have a drink, go …

In addition, in summer they do concerts of all kinds at night, which are totally recommended for music lovers.

It is ideal to go with children, since it has large green areas where they can play, run, see squirrels … (and get tired, hehehe) They also sometimes make special events for them, so very good.

Finally, its price, about 3 euros if you do not live in Dénia (in that case it is free 🙂) From my point of view it is very worthwhile, even if you are not a history geek, only the views are worth it.

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